mike schpitz you can't touch me

“Can’t Touch Me” by Mike Schpitz ft. Panama

Topeka, Kansas native and Chicago resident emcee, Mike Schpitz, links up with everyone’s least favorite bully, Panama from HBO’s The Wire for his new track, Can’t Touch Me produced by Evanston native ThatKidMyself. This is the last leak before the new album, Topeka, High drops on DJBooth on July 1st.

lauryn hill rock the bells

Lauryn Hill at Rock the Bells!

I had a flashback moment involving the musical love of my life Lauryn Hill. Hill marked her return to music one weekend at the San Bernadino leg of the 2010 Rock The Bells tour. She proceeded to move the crowd by performing a couple of her classic hits like “Lost Ones”, “Ex Factor” and “To…

Thought Foundry - Wishful Thinking

“Wishful Thinking” by Thought Foundry

“Wishful Thinking” is the first single from Thought Foundry’s debut EP “Ready For This”, which the latest offering from up and coming Platformz Records out of Chicago Illinois. Consisting of producer Rediculus and MC Konflik, Thought Foundry is a reflection on how they interpret the world and how they cope with its effects. Wishful Thinking’s…


Rule 1: Keep A Low Profile.

The Gov, the LEO’s, and your neighbors all think alike. They all want to know what you’re doing and why. If they don’t like the answers, or they’re given room to speculate or make assumptions, it might not end well for you. “Like” in this case is an extremely relative term. Make it a habit…

EK Similie Dress My Fears

“Dress My Fears” by EK ft. Simile

Grammy-winning imprint Defend Music signee Daniel “EK” Ibeh has been building an impressive resume and looks to add onto that with visuals for “Dress My Fears”. In the timely video (following the Caitlyn Jenner story as well as a recently publicized police beating of a 14-year old girl), the Nigerian-American emcee delivers his perspective; unapologetically…

jordan chude the return

“The Return” by Jordan Chude

Four months after the release of his No More Amateur Records EP, Hip-Hop artist Jordan Chude releases his authoritative loose single, “The Return.” Produced by MAndD Productions and mixed and mastered by Ethan Kaufman, the instrumental’s choir sample coupled with its boom bap drum kit provides an earnest atmosphere for Chude, whose energy through out…

Hurt Nobody Joe Black ft. Jermaine Purifory

“Hurt Nobody” Joe Black ft. Jermaine Purifory

The single, titled Hurt Nobody, is an old school hip hop track produced by Johnny Juliano. This track features intricate lyrics and a melodic hook courtesy of of Joe Black. The track features Jermaine Purifory. Joe Black is a hip hop artist from Cleveland, TN. He long with his fellow business partner, Jermaine Purifory, would…

gc iknow

“iKnow” by GC.

With both an EP & Mixtape on the way, Houston artist GC delivers a preview of things to come with his new song “iKnow”. Production is handled by Kelly Portis.


mic righteous gone

“Gone” by Mic Righteous

Last night, Mic Righteous released a short but heartfelt statement regarding the Zayn Malik / Naughty Boy ‘No Type’ remix after the track found its way onto worldwide news outlets in the form of Billboard, The BBC, Daily Mail and The Mirror among others. The statement was accompanied by a venomous record and music video…

joken What Happened artwork

“What Happened” by Joken ft. E-Dub

Paducah, KY sent me some love this week. It’s been three days since I’ve opened something I liked. This new single by Joken titled, “What Happened” broke the dry spell for me thank God. The track features E-Dub. It addresses a question I ask myself daily as I sift through the endless stream of emails…