mike lovehall By 23

“By 23″ by Mike Lovehall

Charlotte, NC Artist Mike Lovehall has just released “By 23.” The beat and the flow sound like they’re both 20 years old and I love it. This track sounds like something you would hear dropped by Big KRIT nowadays. 20 years ago it would have been 8ball and MJG. I’m glad to see the youngin…

Crazy by Thief

“Crazy” by Thief

The PR people representing Thief sent me a new single titled “Crazy.” I gotta be honest, I’m hip-hop born and bred but some of this pop music is growing on me. My party playlist is almost completely void of most things I post here. That’s a pretty odd disconnect. I did however purchase this track….


oil barrels

Are Oil Prices Being Manipulated?

I’d like to take this opportunity to briefly touch on subject matter we all hold near and dear. Most of us drive and those of us that don’t still travel occasionally. The price of oil effects us all one way or another. Would it shock you to know that price of the precious refined oil…


big pooh words paint pictures

“Stop” by Rapper Big Pooh

I love when I get new music from Mello Music Group… because it comes with absolutely no information whatsoever. One must follow through with due diligence in such matters. Stop is the first single to be released by Rapper Big Pooh from his soon to be dropped album titled “Words Paint Pictures.” Indeed they do….

bruza the general

“Cold Souls” by Bruza The General

This is a new single titled “Cold Souls” by Bruza The General, check out the visuals. The track was produced by Nascent whose production credits include cuts for Schoolboy Q, 50 Cent, and Jeremih among others. “Cold Souls” is the first track listed on Bruza’s recently release project called “Backpack Trap.” The project debuted some…

Young Sole by Sole

“Young Sole” by Sole

Grab yourself and earful of this track from an album previously released by Sole titled, “Young Sole.” The album can still be found if you look hard enough. You people stalk each other all the time so I know you have it in you. The album is called, A Ruthless Criticism Of Everything Existing. The…

The Delegates Of Rhyme ft. Greg Blackman

“Look At What They Do” by The Delegates Of Rhyme ft. Greg Blackman

Some new Hip-Hop from our brethren across the pond, The Delegates Of Rhyme. They return to release their new single “Look At What They Do”. The duo consists of producer Vice and lyricist Donnie Numeric representing Bristol and Brixton since 2011, with the release of their version of “Spark.” They’ve been busy in the studio…

Fury stars Brad Pitt as U.S. Army Sgt. Wardaddy a battle hardened tank commander that leads his tank crew against overwhelming German force.

Fury (2014)

Fury stars Brad Pitt as U.S. Army Sgt. Wardaddy a battle hardened tank commander that leads his tank crew against overwhelming German force, and repeatedly I might add. The tank and its crew are outnumbered and outgunned everywhere it engages the enemy. The film takes place some time during the month of April, 1945. The…

"Rock With It" by FAM

“Rock With It” by FAM

What do you get when you put 17 ill female MC’s together with superb production that features a fusion of hip-hop, trap, dancehall, and soul? You get Hip-Hop presented to you in the form of one cold rhyme coalition known as FAM! Damn shame Memphis can’t get a tour date. FAM is a new collaboration…

Think Twice by MC Melodee and Cookin Soul

“Think Twice” by MC Melodee x Cookin Soul

I just dug all kinds of goodies up out of my email recently and this just happened to be one. “Think Twice” was the third single of MC Melodee’s new album “My Tape Deck.” The video was filmed in the Caribbean in the earlier part of 2013. This was supposed to be a feel good…