Top 10 Jobs That Attract and Hire The Most Psychopaths

Police Among Top Jobs That Attract and Hire Psychopaths

I was reading an old Forbes magazine recently and bumped into a little tidbit of information I’d like to share with you all. According to the author of a new book, there are actually some jobs that attract and employ more psychopaths than others, and your local police department is in the top 10. Does…

emmit james coming back

“Coming Back” by Emmit James

Coming Back is the first release by Emmitt James from his forthcoming Hunger Pains EP (#HPEP) coming Spring 2015 Emmit James recently moved from the Midwest to Los Angeles to follow his dreams in music and fashion. His cross country journey inspired the lead single Coming Back, from his forthcoming Hunger Pains EP (#HPEP). The…

Jade Focus by Third Mind

“Jade Focus” by Third Mind

Third Mind is a trio from New Jersey, consisting of two emcees and a producer.Today I am bringing you their new vintage visuals for “Jade Focus,” which is in preparation for the release of their new project heatSleep. After trying their hand at some hardcore bands, they came together to make hip hop. I hope…

jhene aiko stranger

“Stranger” by Jhene Aiko

Visuals for Jhene’ Aiko’s Stranger off her mixtape titled “Sailing Soul(s)” which was released circa 2011. Hands down my favorite song off the project. One of the better bodies of work someone thought to introduce me to that year. Written and performed by Jhené Aiko Produced by Fisticuffs Directed by

Large Media Poster for 3 Days To Kill

3 Days To Kill (2014)

In 3 Days To Kill, Keven Costner stars as a terminally ill secret agent that attempts to retire in hopes of spending his remaining time with his estranged family. As previously eluded to, he finds himself unable to do so. He’s asked to take on one last mission which proves to be much more dangerous…

sxsw stage

The Complete 2015 SXSW Music Festival Lineup!

It is said that discovering new music is the premise upon which the South by southwest Music and Film Interactive was built. I swear to ticket oak this list has no less than 142,000 acts listed to play. Okay it’s actually 2,200. If you attend and don’t discover something new then you might be dead….


Splash by Pure Etc.

“Splash” by Pure Etc.

Los Angeles rapper Pure ETC presents “Splash”, the new single from his forthcoming EP Water and Sound. That baseline though! Sounds like a live bass playing. I’m in love with that sound. This song is oozing illness. Next house party I’m at, this tune gets play. A cat named Moz produced this joint. He also…

Flamesyall Yallstrumentals

“Yallstrumentals” by Flamesyall

I get a Beattape in my email every now and then so I’m able to pay close attention to them when they show up. This cat Flamesyall just happens to be the creator of this particular one. He calls it “Yallstrumentals.” I may have posted some of his work previously, hit the search box. Otherwise…

mike lovehall By 23

“By 23″ by Mike Lovehall

Charlotte, NC Artist Mike Lovehall has just released “By 23.” The beat and the flow sound like they’re both 20 years old and I love it. This track sounds like something you would hear dropped by Big KRIT nowadays. 20 years ago it would have been 8ball and MJG. I’m glad to see the youngin…

Crazy by Thief

“Crazy” by Thief

The PR people representing Thief sent me a new single titled “Crazy.” I gotta be honest, I’m hip-hop born and bred but some of this pop music is growing on me. My party playlist is almost completely void of most things I post here. That’s a pretty odd disconnect. I did however purchase this track….