jamil smith

Artist Spotlight on Jamil Smith (@JamilSmithMusic)

Jamil Smith (born June 28, 1991) is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, and producer from Memphis, TN. His father derived his name from an arabic word meaning “handsome”. Raised in a single-parent matriarchy, he grew up listening to a plethora of records from his grandmother and his mother playing hit songs from the 1960’s to the 1990’s, which gave him his diverse background in many genres of music. Jamil states that his being raised in matriarchy helped him understand women and writes quite a few records aimed to females about living like tomorrow isn’t promised and getting rid of self doubt and insecurity.

Jamil’s toughest moment came when he felt a missing link in his life and pursued his father. His music at the time was raw, violent, and bleak. His mother read the poems and lyrics and helped him hone his feeling into words. When Jamil and his father met up, he informed him that he was into music and his father showed him the local studios, introducing him to names such as Archie and “Boo” Mitchell at world-renowned Royal Studios, and his sister introduced him to one of Memphis’ finest behind-the-scenes producers, A.D.G. Jamil told his father that since all of his friends rapped, he wanted to do something ”different” and began making hip-hop music fused with electropop, soul samples, and vivid melodies and lyrics. His major influences in high school was his mother, father, and choir directors Billy Rayburn and Ron Norton. Jamil performed his first gig in one of Memphis’ renowned venues, Minglewood Hall. With such a buzz induced by “Beer x Bikinis” from out of town support, he continued in the path of making more eclectic music to attract a variety of music lovers across the nation. As a new artist, he has many attributes that will lead to a great future in the music industry. He lists his influences as Isaac Hayes, Smokey Robinson, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Aaliyah, Three Six Mafia, Miles Davis, Frank Sinatra, Chromeo, and Kanye West.