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If you have a problem with anything posted on this site contact us directly as per the DMCA, give us the opportunity to comply and we WILL comply. Please do NOT contact our hosting provider as it is unnecessary. Use the contact form and include a link to the offending content as well as information identifying who you are and your relationship to the contents copyright. Be careful how you word your removal request… IT WILL BE POSTED IN PLACE OF ANYTHING YOU ASK US TO REMOVE. Don’t bother with confidentiality statements. Many thanks in advance.

Submit Your Music

I only take submissions in the form of MP3 singles. To Submit a Single to be reviewed for possible posting on our site, please follow these guidelines.

1. Please email a copy of the actual MP3 file NOT a link to whatever service your using to host it online such as soundcloud or bandcamp.
2. Include a picture you would like posted with the song.
3. Include one FULL paragraph of text to be posted along with the video. Tell the viewers about the song, and artist. You may want to give credit to your tracks producer or others involved in its making. That’s 3-5 sentences.
3. If you have Twitter accounts please send links to those as well and we will also blast your work across there repeatedly for 60 days free of charge.
4. We will not post links to any other sites from ours.
5. Send this information to:

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