Tips For Successfully Submitting Your Music To Blogs.

1. Do Your Research READ.

We’re podcasting from this point on. Simply send a link to your song/video, or send the actual MP3. If we decide to post or play it we’ll contact you to let you know what else we need.


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  1. Khali Fresko says:

    Khali Fresko – “Stuntin” Video /
    directed by Kor Capital of CVC | produced by Keezy
    PRICELESS mixtape coming soon

    Los Angeles rapper Khali Fresko presents the Kor Capital-directed music video for “Stuntin”, the Keezy-produced new single from Priceless, his forthcoming mixtape featuring Xanax Jimmy and William P. Khali began rapping seriously in 2009, galvanized by the death of a close friend in his freshman year. Relocating to Phoenix, Arizona, he formed L.O.E. (League Of Elite) with Kor Capital in 2013 to develop a platform for artists to be heard. Khali has shared stages with Keak Da Sneak and Cappadonna and has music videos for “Work” (watch), “It’s Nothin” (watch) and “Live For” (watch). “The title speaks for itself,” Khali says about the track. This is my reply to everyone who doubted me. I’m not letting up. Even if I ink a deal it’s only going to inspire me to keep applying pressure.” ( New Video )

    Twitter [@thatskhali] | Facebook | Instagram

  2. Quentin Jackson says:

    I came across your site when I was reading up on new artist, I can appreciate how you all ride with artist and really build from the ground up with them, that’s real. We appreciate the job you are doing providing an outlet for dope artists to break, and we would love to look back and say that one of our favorite blog sites picked up this record first.
    I’m an artist myself, I’ve got a growing buzz it’s more been based on live shows than Internet exposure. Just wanted to send you guys the press release for Big Meats’s new single, Rand University (Will You Love Me Again) off his upcoming album Financial Aid.
    When you get a minute check my stuff out and if you like it I’d appreciate if you could support it with a post on your blog. Thanks for the time and if you have any questions feel free to get back at me.

    Bio: Quentin Jackson aka Big Meats was born in October of 1988 in Sylvester, GA. Fan of music since the age of 9. Quentin Jackson always had a passion for music and art. Born and raised in Sylvester, 20 minutes east of Albany, Big Meats grew up being a big fan of southern hip-hop group Field Mob out of Albany, GA.
    Big Meats started rapping at the age of 13 freestyling at school with friends. In 2004 the most influential album of his life would be released entitled “The College Dropout.” This would be a deciding factor for Big Meats that hip-hop would become a big part of his life.
    After high school Big Meats eventually made a name for himself freestyling for his friends while in college. It wasn’t until his senior year that Big Meats began to hit the mic and make his own music. Now with an EP and a few mixtapes under his belt, he is ready to take on the world with beautiful music.

    Artist: Big Meats
    Track: Rand University
    Info: It’s been a little over 2 years since rapper Big Meats released his very first EP Soul Food Scriptures with producer Sabir “Satisfied” Muhammad. Now ready to show the world he is back and ready to take on the world. Big Meats drops a new single titled “ Rand University” (prod. By Sabir) (@sabirofficial) for his upcoming album “Financial Aid.”
    With sports being a big part of Big Meat’s childhood. He usually connects sports in some form or fashion to his music (2-A-Daze I and II mixtapes). Big Meats was inspired by the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary titled, “Rand University” telling the story of wide receiver Randy Moss. Big Meats enjoyed and related to this film so much that he decided to name the track “Rand University.”
    This record embodies the hunger and skill that is missing in so many areas of hip-hop. Big Meats tells his struggles as an underground artist and being away for a while and having the thought that a lot of people that supported him has now forgot about him and the love is no longer there. In the end Big Meats just wants to know one simple thing…. Will you love him again?
    Prod by: Sabir Muhammad @SabirMuhammad
    Upcoming Album: Financial Aid
    Song Release: March 6, 2015
    Song Link:

    Genre(s): Hip-Hop
    Location: Sylvester, GA
    Mixtape Information: 2-A-Daze II is the second installment of the 2-A-Daze mixtape series released in March.
    Label: N/A
    Twitter Link: @BIGMEATSFOOL
    Soundcloud –
    Facebook –

  3. Zach Galst says:

    My name is Zach Galst I am the manager for an up and coming artist from Nashville named Littlefoot. I was wondering how we could go about getting his music posted on your blog. He is a rapper and talented singer who is taking a unique approach to delivery and production. He writes all his own songs and does his own production. He has a sound that is reminiscent of Kid Cudi and Chance The Rapper while maintaining his own unique style, and I think your blog would be the best medium to get his sound out to the world.
    Below are two of his latest songs which will be featured on his next mixtape releasing may 7th.
    Take a listen and get back to me.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

  4. Johnniemane says:

    What’s good? I’m submitting my video, “Benjamin Franklin” for posting approval. If considered, please let me know what else I need to submit to aid in posting. Thank you for your time.

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